Integration - integra (Latin): to revive, to restore, to be whole

Is your organization going through transition? Need help navigating the diverse, global world you need to connect with?  Learn how to cultivate leadership during transitions by applying conflict management, group relations, and ethical frameworks. 


Dive into your full potential and explore growing edges with training in empathy-building, social justice, systems-level thinking, and holistic integration of change.  Leaders in any sector can benefit from this increased self awareness, apply it in any context, and embody efficient, moral management. 

*This offering can be utilized as an individual, group, nonprofit, or company seeking impactful leadership. Contact Kate for varied rates and more information.

Systemic Change Consultation


Leadership Development & Organizational Support



Education & Ritual

Group Facilitation

Request a training for personal/professional growth, social justice consciousness raising, spiritual decolonization, Earth-honoring rituals, systemic change empowerment, sacred sexuality, or holistic healing for your organization or community!

There are things only groups can teach us. The mission of group work with Kate is to create the conditions for transformation through education and connection. While the ethos is rooted in social justice, equity, and transforming our status quo-- a radical welcome to sacred, safe space is crucial to embody any of those goals. Let's embrace an ethical, spiritual, and emotional conversation and get to the root cause of injustice, trauma, or violence, rather than merely the symptoms.



Ongoing Availability

Personalized Chaplaincy

We are all survivors of trauma. We often carry these stories and emotions as burdens within our bodies instead of acknowledging their wisdom. Take a deep dive into the unknown darkness on a sojourn towards restorative justice. Alchemize shame, abuse, ignorance, death, and heartbreak through personalized sacred ritual and chaplaincy.


Bravely walk through the liminal space between realities as Kate facilitates a safe and sacred environment to heal from past haunts and hurts. This is for survivors, including those of sexual assault, war, intimate partner violence, addiction, divorce, illness, oppression, homophobia, or any experience that contributed to post traumatic stress. Be ready to release mental health challenges and transform your relationships!

*This offering can be utilized as an individual, couple, family, or group seeking healing.


"Kate is skilled in conflict resolution strategies and has the capability to produce extraordinary results. Her core values and strong moral compass make her the ideal addition to any team or organization."

Paige Nikles, BSN, RN

ICU Nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital


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